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  • Royal Society of Enchanters

    Sorcery in Bone Harbour society is heavily regulated by the Realm, all local sorcerers must be members of the Royal Society of Enchanters in order to practice their craft inside the city. Members are limited to spells and sorcerous workings that doesn’t …

  • Artifacts

    [[Avalance | Avalance]] [[Belt of Shadow Walking]] [[Claws of Midnight | Claws of Midnight]] [[Govenlil, Staff of the Wind | Govenlil, Staff of the Wind]]

  • Manse

    [[The Cursed Wind Tower of Bone Harbour | The Cursed Wind Tower of Bone Harbour]] [[The Ethereal Depths | The Ethereal Depths]]

  • Belt of Shadow Walking

    [[File:657980 | class=media-item-align-right | 3ad7af68f0937d3e96036f387bbfc074.jpg]] Night-black belts made from leather from the wings of giant bats, trimmed with black jade and soulsteel, these artifacts can control shadows and cause them to …