The Lonely Avalanche is a prototype crossbow that was originally designed to outsource many normal aspects of the bow. The main hull of Avalanche is made of orichalcum but many moveable parts are made of black jade.
It’s creator a dragonblooded engineer died before ever really testing Avalanche. This loneliness has affected Avalanche and the crossbow is now eager to use it’s power.


Medium Artifact 4 Archery Weapon

Damage Overwhelming Attunement
+12 4 5
Close Short Medium Long Extreme
-1 +5 +3 +1 -1

Lethal – Deal lethal damage
Archery (long) – Can shoot out to long range
Crossbow – +4 damage with withering attacks, but no strength added
Piercing – For 1 initiativ ignore 4 soak
Powerful – 2 more damage on close range
Slow – Must take action to reload, can be part of flurry.


Passive – Eager to fight, Avalanche will auto draw at the beginning of a combat, even if it’s owner doesn’t win initiative. Additionally all attempts to disarm Avalanche from its owner is increased in difficulty by 2 and attempts by the owner to regain Avalanche is 2 difficulty lower.

Autonomous Warmachine – Reflexive, Spend 1 mote to let Avalanche reload it self. Still requires ammo.

Supersonic implosion – Supplemental, something avalanche creating


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