Character Creation

Character creation follows the usual rules for how to make a solar exalted. Following things all of your characters have in common, you are all between the ages 14-17 years old and have been exalted for 1-10 days (yes DAYS). Your characters haven’t been given any quests or visions from the Unconquered Sun. All you know about your new situation is that you are a solar exalt, but you don’t know what your caste is called except what the texts of the immaculate order say:

The forsaken (dawn).
The blasphemous (zenith).
The unclean (twilight).
The wretched (night).
The deceivers (eclipse).

The following merits are not allowed at character creation:
Backing, Command, Cult & Followers.

Artifacts must have what magic materials they are made out of clearly defined and a short summery of their legendary past. Lastly you must have a story of HOW you obtained this hella’ expensive ultra-rare item worth a queen’s ransom. If none of these can be covered in a satisfactory manner then your hero doesn’t get to start the game with any artifacts.

Character Creation

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