Claws of Midnight



Blazing anvil of the South.

Crafted from

Soulsteel and red jade the Soulsteel has taken a stains black look like Soulsteel after decades of traped souls.

one of the first weapons crafted for the solar armory but after its potential and sheer destructive power witnessed by the outher solars where they scared if it would fall in to the wrong hands therefor was there only ever crafted one of this and always under guard but when the solar empire came to a stop was this artifact stolen by a night cast by the name of “Night wasp” and hid it in a sealed grave to her husbond the Lunar Genreal “Mammut of the North” she took her own life whit the claws to dampen the claws powers if the ever would fall into the wrong hands.


Crafted for one porpose only to take the lifes of the Sol invictus enemies and trap there biengs in the the in the Orichalcum and that the reason the the Orichalcum has changed color over the decades for the souls traped inside them there was a manse made to extract the souls so the could be judged but its whereabouts have been lost in the ages

Razor Claws
This pair of deadly weapons is a set of razor-sharp tiger claws that strap onto the wearer’s hands. Razor claws always come in pairs and consist of fingerless leather gloves fitted with three slightly curved blades extending three or more inches beyond the wearer’s knuckles. In addition to causing horrific rending wounds, these claws also add two dice to all climbing rolls made by the wearer. Wearers can retract the claws, transforming this weapon into a pair of heavy fingerless gloves.

Tags: Lethal, Brawl, Concealable, Worn

Concealable: The weapon can be easily hidden on the user’s person (difficulty 1 to do so with a Larceny roll).
Lethal: This weapon normally does lethal damage when used to deliver a decisive attack.
Worn: Wearable weapons can be removed, but while worn they count as natural weapons.
Brawl: Attacks with this weapon normally use Brawl.
Dual Wielding: Characters who dual-wield two identical weapons gain a +2 bonus to Clash attacks.
Soul Stealer: Killing blows locks the souls in the Claws of Midnight


Murders Resolve
Cost: 1m or 1i; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Perilous
Duration: Instant
In the moment when fear’s or doubt’s cold fingers attempt to grasp the Exalt’s heart, she may let the Vicious nature of Claws of Midnight to make her heart harder and colder than ice. Upon using this evocation, she raises her Resolve by one against an attempt to threaten, intimidate, overawe, or terrify her, and this does not count as a Charm bonus.
However, all passionate Ties are lowered in intensity by one for the remainder of the scene.
the wielders can use up to her essence on this evocation.

The Chills of Death
Cost: 3m and 2i; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Withering-only
Duration: Instant
Claws of Midnight Sends out is imprisoned souls mourns which sends her opponent into fatal disarray. This Evocation may be activated after the Solar crashes her opponent with Claws of Midnight to wreathe the foe in a death fearing state. Until they recover from Initiative Crash, they suffer a -2 penalty to all actions and a -1 penalty to Defense.

Killing Instinct
Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 2
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Withering-only
Duration: Instant
The red Jade flares up, and the Claws of Midnight get a red glow, and the Wielder can hear the Claws hunger for Souls.
the victims of the attack can feel that the claws are out for there souls and the suction from them.
the damage of this attack is add 3 time the essence of the wielder.

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Claws of Midnight

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