Gods and elementals

Gods of the Stormlands:
There are two groups of gods that are worshiped/feared in the Stormlands.
Court of Northern Serenity; this is the largest and most influential spirit court in the region which governs the the weather, wilderness and the creatures that dwell in it. Court of Northern Serenity is lead by Lang Black Eyes (northern god of weather and wolves). Other gods include Lieren Greyfur (god of predators) og Wenquan the boiling (regional god of hot springs), Kigutilissuaq (avater goddess of sperm whales), Aarluk coldhunter (avatar god of orca whales) & Wuqing of coldiron mountain (god of coldiron mountain).

Court of Hearth and Stone governs people and the places and activities that govern their lives, it is led by Lu the Eternal (goddess of hearths). Other gods include; Tougu Skullfather (city-god of Bone Harbour), Yu-Cha (god of whaling and harpoons), Shangren Icebreaker (god of northern naval trade), Rabszolga (god of slaves) & Hao Pickaxe (god of miners and pickaxes).

Other gods:
Feihong Crimson Eyes (god of sub-contacted vengeance) & Villainous Baotu (god of extortion rackets).

Sound of the Windlord; a lesser elemental dragon of air who dwell on the mountain of Desolation Peak. This elemental rule the storms of the region, and is severely disliked for it. Few savants know why this dragon does it, but no terrestrial or celestial authority has stopped it so it is assumed that someone of authority approves. Essence 6.

Grendrala, queen of the deep; she is a female vodonik who fashion herself the queen of the local ocean depths. She extorts local shipping vessels and whalers, she doesn’t bother fishermen (not worth the bother) and the Realms fleet (too powerful). As a vodonik she can never be summoned out of the ocean. She is essence 4.

Demogar the blizzard monster; this is a storm serpent which inhabit the permanent blizzards of the stormlands. Few know how old it is, but as time has gone on it has grown to be the largest storm serpent in creation. Essence 7.

Snowdancers; these are human sized air elementals of the cold north. They run across the snow with a grace and speed no human can match, they gather in nomadic tribes that race and skip across the tundra heedless of the cold and wind. A snowdancer exposed to heat will dissolve into snowcrystals that in turn will melt into deep-blueish water. Essence 2.

Furnace wyrms; These fire elementals come into being in the volcanoes and magma tunnels of the north, when eruptions occour. They are 10 meters long with wide heads with hundreds of teeth, and when seen on the surface they always gobble up snow and ice creating deep tunnels in the terrain. Essence 4.

Invisible stalker; as the D&D monster, nuff’ said. Essence 3.

Lightning Scarab; a large beetle-like insect capable of projecting an aura of electricity, a swarm of them are deadly. Essence 1.

Gods and elementals

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